EcSUHA Microcode

Here you can find the latest microcode for hardware with microprocessors from EcSUHA.

We have decided to offer software (the microcode) for hardware products with frequent need for updates separately. Especially for the functions implemented in the microcode the development is rapid. Through our online shop we can offer you the updated microcode flexible.

Included in the price is the

  • unlimited usage time for each purchased, downloaded version for one Home / Smart Home
  • the commitment fees for the download in our web shop

Also you can download and update purchased microcode after buying 10 times total in 90 days (recommended for modified decimal). Then you need to acquire new microcode updates with further demands.

Typically, the microcode must only be purchased and downloaded once if you acquire the same hardware several times per House / Smart Home.

Only in case of a modified pre-decimal, we reserve the right to replace the product. In this case, you need to aquire the new microcode.

Novel IoT devices with cloud update function may perform the update for free !