The AiR CoMMANDER products are the interface between our HoME CoNTROL system (or your FHEM installation) and the many wireless detectors and actuators of your Home Automation System.

After configuration in your system they can instantly switch radio actuators and receive wireless detectors. The signal is transmitted and received from the installation location. Because of the wireless LAN connection, the installation location can be well chosen.

AiR CoMMANDER products are designed for use in our HoME CoNTROL system (Cloud Only). Control information will be transmitted over the global IP network to your AiR CoMMANDER.

The AiR CoMMANDER products can also be used flexibly in your DIY Home Automation System based on FHEM (Cloud Free).

The AiR CoMMANDER 128S-1AG is currently tested in the BETA ZONE.