The MeDIA PrOMPTER Products are ideally installed directly in the house service connection room and connected via wireless LAN to the house network. They are the interface between the Home Automation System and the S0 interfaces of consumption meters to be included. Its main task is to monitor the consumption and the provision of instantaneous values​​. They provide channels which may be used for water, gas and electricity amount detection. This makes an optimization possible also with respect to PV self-consumption.

The MeDIA PrOMPTER Products are designed for use in our HoME CoNTROL system (Cloud Only). Control information will be transmitted over the global IP network to your attached products of the MeDIA PrOMPTER Series.

The MeDIA PrOMPTER Products can also be used flexibly in your DIY Home Automation System based on FHEM (Cloud Free).

For avant-gardist we provide protocol information necessary for the integration of our devices in other projects.