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the EcSUHA UG (limited liability) (Economic Surveillance and Home Automation) offers vanguard and cost-effective solutions in the areas of video surveillance, electronic property protection, home automation and IoT (Internet of Things). In our EcSUHA Project Store enthusiasts get everything for their DIY (Do it Yourself) Home Automation project from a single source. Our DIY instructions are directly linked to the components required / recommended which we keep in stock, to spare you the search and a long delivery. Our goal is a constant growing number of own developed products.


Our DIY ideas and electronic components are in many cases not finished equipment intended to the normal consumer. We offer a modular system with components for enthusiasts, which may after installation by experts only be used for laboratory and experimental purposes and under supervision by experts. For this the necessary technical knowledge is strictly required. This concerns in particular the safety regulations in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics. All presented DIY projects are put into practice. New components and technical progress may cause that the illustrated solutions become obsolete. Continuous improvements will be implemented without prior notice. Our products are intended to interested persons, who have the necessary background knowledge, to realize their personal DIY home automation project.

But do not worry: The mission of EcSUHA is to offer products from own developed for non-experts in large volume for their future Smart Home.


EcSUHA, the brand - Welcome to your new home!

  • We support you to implement modern, contemporary and automated control of electrical appliances and lamps in your living environment
  • as well as effective and automatic phisical protection, theft and personal protection
  • our solutions provide security by 24 hour video recording and archiving, live home monitoring via smart phones and tablets, including modern, flexible alerting via IP
  • we help you to increase energy efficiency by capturing of consumption, including control of photovoltaic self-consumption

What can EcSUHA offer you in addition:   

  • Operating your Home Automation as a Service (HAaaS) - We operate your Home-Automation as Service. With our System HoME CoNTROL (HCtrl,  HCtrl.de) you can control your smart devices istalled in your smart home. Without local hardware, installation and local maintainance. Our system includes automatic switching, consumption capturing and climate visualization.
  • matching DIY hardware for the modular construction of your DIY home automation and surveillance project
  • software for our hardware in your FHEM DIY project (FHEM plugins / drivers)
  • a customer support forum for questions about our products
  • the installation and remote support (if desired by you)

What is the intention of the EcSUHA brand ?

  • EcSUHA is good and cheap. But high quality and durable products are always the goal.
  • EcSUHA is conprehensible and future-proof. Through the use of open standards, documentation and modularity maintenance is not a challenge.

We are specialists. Our references (DIY solutions in use):

  • low priced 16/32 channel analog home video surveillance system with digital recording and motion detection (DIY-Solution)
  • burglary (door sensors, PIR sensors, photoelectric sensors, video surveillance with motion detection) and property protection (water sensors, fire alarm) by radio and Wireless LAN, computer based (HoME CoNTROL / FHEM) (DIY-Solution)
  • Home Automation (Dusk-dependent lighting / blind control, time-controlled switching of light, control via smartphone and tablet) (HoME CoNTROL / FHEM) (DIYSolution)
  • automatically switching off consumers to increase photovoltaic own consumption (Refrigerator operated from PV surplus) (HoME CoNTROL / FHEM) (DIY-Solution)
  • consumption monitoring by S0 impulse capturing, visualization via HoME CoNTROL / FHEM (DIY-Solution)
  • fully automatic irrigation system via solenoid valves, wind and temperature dependent (HoME CoNTROL / FHEM) (DIY-Solution)
  • fully automatic heating control with room sensors (HoME CoNTROL / FHEM) (DIY-Solution)

Our target group:

  • home owners with technological awareness and relevant skills
  • avantgardists (BETA ZONE)

Give us a try with an order and we will arrange an cheap, direct and smooth delivery for you.

We look forward to welcome you

EcSUHA UG (limited liability)

If you have further questions, look in our FAQ, or post your questions in our customer forum.